Best Hunting Times App Bewertungen

For all those that feel the app doesn’t work

I have been using this app for years. I think it is one of the most accurate on the market. For all those that feel the app doesn’t work, I am rolling on the floor laughing at you. People, this app is a guide that helps you determine better times to hunt. Don’t think you are going to walk on the woods at the time the app states is good and think you will have a chance to take game, much less see game. Your success comes from your hunting skill level, not the app. I have tracked my success and have seen 70 to 80 percent of the time this app to be correct on movement times. But I also know my land and how the game on it reacts. Become a better hunter and don’t blame your experience on the app. It is a useful tool which I would and have recommended to many.

Outdated - Don't buy.

Bought it all the times are messed up. Says the sun will rise here at 3:38AM and then sunset will be at 11:48pm. Waste of $3.

Great App

The app works great. The main reason i bought it was for the deer activity by moon phases guide. I never pay enough attention to figure that stuff out on my own and this allows you to plan days off weeks in advance. Also, read the instructions. I didn't and found some of the stuff a little confusing so I emailed their support staff and they helped almost immediately, however all of the answers were in the instructions had i bothered to read them.

Needs Attention

Great App. Has not been updated in a while now. What's up with sunrise and sunset times. This app needs some attention.

Check your sunrise and sunset

Check your sunrise and sunset!


Big waste

Deer Hunting App

Neat app! Let's you know everything about the deer except how to bag one. A must have app! Five stars!

Does Not Work

Beware - when I downloaded this app it was not functional. It would open but would not populate any of the fields nor provide any data. I emailed the customer support and received no response.

Best Hunting

I love this Ap it is always very accurate, I don't go into the woods without using the information on feeding times and wind I too had a problem with the sunrise/sunset times but they quickly resolved this issue for me.

My best friend besides my weapons

Hunting times are about dead on. Except I noticed today the sunrise and set times are way off. Need to look into that

Works Great

Works great

Hunting goes online

I like hunting, have this app handy and it will provide me with the location-specific information to maximize my chances success and know exactly when the best hunting times will occur! This app is really excellent. Thanks for sharing!

A Hunter

It says it does a lot and it does. As long as you live in Chicago (default). Claims you can enter your coordinates manually but I was unable. What it wants is to track your location on auto GPS. And will continue to do so even if you aren't using the app. Great idea for an app. Someone will get it right. Save your money.

Very Good

It is very easy to use and this app is good for hunting. Very useful information for hunters. I really recommend this to all hunters, theyshould have this app.

Excellent app

There is so much great info on here that can be applied not just to hunters but to any nature enthusiast. It's very easy to use and has an easy layout. I almost view this more of a special weather app than a hunting app.

Not so great

According to the times on my game cameras this app is way off on its major and minor feed times. Doesn't seem to be worth it. It also tells you you have messages and you don't. It also makes you keep your location services on all the time. Don't waste your time.

Perfect hunting companion

This is a must have for all Hunters

Very useful app.

This is an essential application for my hunting trips. I always use it and it never disappoints. It has a great design and the info about hunting spots is top notch. Excellent.


It is the perfect app for a perfect hunting, it is an important app to easily manage your hunting times, this app has a small size but it contains a huge informations for anyone like deer hunting. The interface may need a high quality version for ipad, but in iphone it is perfect and very easy to use. I like the the well organized contents which helps any user to find the exact informations for you. I recommend this app for all deer hunters, it is such an important app.

Very useful

There is lots of useful information in this app. I like the animations to help you understand the positions of the moon and the sun and also the speed and direction of the wind. I think the visuals are easier to understand.

Doesn't work

After last update app doesn't work unless you have location services turned on, this is nothing but a information stealing app.


You have to delete the app and re-download it and it will work just fine

Doesn't work

This app used to be great, but now doesn't work on my phone!

Nothing showing plz fix!!!

This was a good app until the update. I used this last season and was successful. Now since the update, it won't show anything. Was a 5 star rating

Best Hunting ap

I want to send this app to a friend, NOT MYSELF,how do I do that?

Would give 4 stars but...

Would give this app 4 stars but I do not like the fact that it always shows that I have 3 notifications over the app symbol. Please fix

Great APP - Everything you need!

This app has every bit of information you need. The peak times/days are spot on. I have had it for 3 seasons now and it is my favorite tool in hunting/fishing. Great app and highly recommend it.

Best Solunar App

Believed in Solunar theory and this app has it all. Time is accurate.

Time is dead on

Great tool.

Hunt outside the times it shows

I've been using this app all season now and have yet to see one deer during the peak times it suggests. All the activity I've seen has been outside of all the suggested times even the minor feed times. I guess if start your hunt when their peak ends it might be more accurate.

Must have for the Hunting season!

Primarily designed with deer hunter in mind, pretty spot in terms of when wild animals are most active. Nice graphics, easy to read. It works.

Read it backwards and it's more accurate

I've been tracking it for a year now. I must say for Ohio and PA it is absolutely wrong. When the app says peak day, no fish or deer. It's a waste of time when you realize that it simply tells you that during full moon and no moon stage are the best days. The moon stage info is available free online. The solar part is irrelevant if animals are not moving. I've tried this on over 20 days this year and wasted my vacation time. Not happy. Also, the fish app is the same as hunting app, they just use fish instead of bucks on the screen. Both are not worth the money.

Love this app

This ap is dead on. Times have been 100% accurate. I love it! I check every time before I plan a hunt

Good hunting app to use

Working good for the past 2 seasons I've used this app. Feeding times were very close.

Times are right on

No complaints. Times were dead on.


I use this for all my deer hunting needs. It is a simple and great app. Gives me all the information for the day and help me to plan my future days of hunting. Customer support is quick to respond and very helpful.


The app crashes. Graphics is poor quality. Expensive.

Everything You Need!

This App has every bit of information I need and in an easy to use format and graphics. Works great.


The app is a great tool to have while hunting. I like that i can see the moon phases and the feeding times. I love the app, before I updated the software. Now it is not aligned in the screen, it is about 1/4 inch too low. I can not access the three bottom buttons.

Awesome Accurate App!!!

Wow I'm so glad to finally find a app with all the important info and it's very accurate and I have tried many others! Trust me I was hesitant to purchase it but I promise it's worth every penny!

Crashes constantly

Need I say more..but I will. Anytime you click on an icon in the app it crashes. Terrible


I just bought the app and ever time I try to click the weather or wind display, the app crashes.

Great app, but crashes continuously after iOS 8 update

Used the app with good luck, but now hardly works after iOS update. Hopefully an update in the works.


I'm not sure if this has to do with iOS 8, however, just as soon as I loaded the app it crashes. Not very impressed right off the bat. Unable to launch the app to see if I really like it or not. Please fix.

Keeps Crashing!!!!

Click on weather or other features and app crashes For 3 buck it shouldn't be doing this, save your money!

Broken on ios8

Weather and wind options are not working on iOS8


Downloaded this app and it doesn't even work properly. I click on wind or weather tab and the app closes every time. So I can't use the wind or weather tab. Not worth 3 dollars. Can't figure out how to contact the company either. Save your money

Title says it all.

I have seen more deer and killed my biggest buck to date using this app.

Easy to use

This app works pretty good. I have noticed when the weather is gonna change its not always as accurate. However, all in all I think it is STILL worth it. Also, I'm gonna use it for fishing too!

Hunters best friend

I downloaded the app yesterday because I had planned on hunting today but they were calling for rain. I looked at the app to see what it would say and if it was worth my while. It showed that today would be great. So I got to my land and before I parked, I saw 3 monsters. As I was getting out of the truck, I saw four more and a monster buck running right behind them. Accurate app

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