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This is exactly what I was looking for its so helpful ❤


Sunset and sunrise times are not correct, feeding times I believe are also not correct, infact when you advance on the days from lets say October 8th to 20th, if best feeding time on 8th was 6:45 AM, by the time you go few days a head, best feeding time changes to 3:00 PM, now beat that. So far an absolute waste of money.

Doesnt work

This app doesnt show any weather or wind data

My best friend besides my weapons

Hunting times are about dead on. Except I noticed today the sunrise and set times are way off. Need to look into that

Best Hunting

I love this Ap it is always very accurate, I dont go into the woods without using the information on feeding times and wind I too had a problem with the sunrise/sunset times but they quickly resolved this issue for me.

Does Not Work

Beware - when I downloaded this app it was not functional. It would open but would not populate any of the fields nor provide any data. I emailed the customer support and received no response.

Deer Hunting App

Neat app! Lets you know everything about the deer except how to bag one. A must have app! Five stars!

Check your sunrise and sunset

Check your sunrise and sunset!


Good app but keeps having notifications on my phone but will not let me see what they are

Cant see anything?

I bought this app expecting to be able to use it to my advantage. But when I open the app it will not show anything. What can I do?

Best Hunting

A must need for serious hunters. Very accurate info. Legitimately reflects the movement patterns of deer as well as other game and fish. 5 stars hands down.

Awesome App....

Good interface and relatively easy to use. Great way to plan vacation days for the best hunting or fishing. Crazy accurate and works well.... Must have App for outdoorsman....

Must buy!!

Great app. Easy to read!!

Great and easy to use

Adds a new dimension to your hunt great for planning time off during the rut love the wind direction info for picking the right stand

Wont download

I paid for this app and it will not download

Great little app

After years of resisting the concept, I started using lunar tables for hunting and fishing this summer and by golly they work, just as friends promised. So I found this in the app store and have been using it for several weeks now. Easy to use, shows weeks, even months ahead for planning trips, has weather, gps, sunrise sunset times, everything, all at my fingertips. Im delighted with it in every way.

My professional opinion

Im an avid hunter and fisherman. Just downloaded this app two partway through archery season and I wish I had got it sooner! Honestly works great. Hunting times may be off half hour or so but it doesnt master because you should be in the woods all day anyways. Activity chart is probably the most helpful feature though. My dad harvested a 167 inch 12 point last weekend thanks to this app. Cant wait to use it for fishing. Happy hunting folks!

Hunters best friend

I downloaded the app yesterday because I had planned on hunting today but they were calling for rain. I looked at the app to see what it would say and if it was worth my while. It showed that today would be great. So I got to my land and before I parked, I saw 3 monsters. As I was getting out of the truck, I saw four more and a monster buck running right behind them. Accurate app

Easy to use

This app works pretty good. I have noticed when the weather is gonna change its not always as accurate. However, all in all I think it is STILL worth it. Also, Im gonna use it for fishing too!

Title says it all.

I have seen more deer and killed my biggest buck to date using this app.

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